PTI is an industry leading expert when it comes to ATM and financial services supplies. When a new machine is introduced, we are one of the first companies to stock the consumables.    
The placement of new ATM machines is stronger than ever at banks, credit unions and many government facilities. 
We manufacture and stock thermal paper media for these ATM machines:

  • Cross Tranax
  • Diebold
  • Fujitsu
  • Greenlink
  • GRG
  • Hyosung-Nautilus
  • NCR
  • Nextran
  • Tidel
  • Triton Systems
  • Wincor
  • WRG
Technology is evolving and new equipment is being introduced at a rapid pace. As the installed base of equipment grows, so does the demand for the supplies they consume.    

There are many other printer media used in the banking industry other than ATM receipts! Banks and Credit Unions consume a huge variety of products in their internal operations. PTI helps you by stocking teller receipts, journal rolls, fan-folded and roll proofing equipment paper so you not only save money, but also avoid the costly interruptions and down time from running out of supplies.

We also add value by custom printing any roll or fan-fold item to your specifications. We'll help create additional revenue streams through innovative custom printing solutions that allow your customers to advertise on the back of ATM receipts, thus making your ATM paper more profitable. 
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