PTI ticket stock maximizes battery performance and print head life.
Parking ticket and eCitation technologies are growing rapidly
We manufacture and stock thermal paper media for these OEMs:
Electronic citation and parking ticket technologies are experiencing unprecedented adoption throughout the U.S. As many as 60 percent of U.S. law enforcement agencies already use some form of eCitation system. 

eCitation benefits range from increased productivity and higher efficiency to enhanced safety for officers and the public, to improved accuracy and reduction in human error (which ultimately increases revenue collections).  Mobile printers are a critical component of today’s comprehensive eCitation solutions, which typically also include smart devices such as  laptops, tablets or handheld computers, as well as an eCitation software solution.
  • Brother
  • Casio
  • DataMax O'Neil
  • Honeywell
  • Motorola
  • Zebra
  • and more
Did you know?
High performance thermal paper for better printer performance
​An estimated 20 percent of all parking violations and e-citations are thrown out of court because of illegible or incorrect information. Choosing the wrong media can result in poor print quality and cause the printhead to work extra hard to produce text, which drains battery charge and leads to premature printhead failure. Law enforcement agencies and public safety officers throughout the U.S. trust PTI products to eliminate erroneous, illegible, and unenforceable parking violations and e-citations with electronic issuance and printing systems. ParTek violations and e-citations meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) specifications, are designed to function in extreme environments, and can be customized in short-runs with one color spot printing to near magazine quality process color, audit controls, and anti-counterfeit features.
PTI ticket stock maximizes battery performance and print head life. We have tested every available thermal paper that can be used in these printers, and we provide only the highest quality grade. Many inferior grades of thermal paper will cause paper jams and/or print head sticking to the paper, both of which cause battery drain and excessive print head wear.

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