PTI's high performance thermal paper maximizes equipment performance.
Every transaction counts
We manufacture and stock thermal paper media for these OEMs:
PTI is a leading manufacturer of pay and display and pay station receipts for more than 20 years, and what really sets us apart is our laser focus on supplying products that improve your clients' operational performance and boost the bottom line.

We make every transaction count by providing:

  • OEM compatibility
  • extensive product expertise
  • vibrant, custom printing capabilities
  • security features to prevent fraud
  • the industry’s fastest turnaround on any order size
  • custom solutions to fit your clients' specific needs

We proudly provide thermal parking media to cities and municipatlies, colleges, universities, airports and hospitals.
  • Cale
  • Designa
  • Digital Payment Technologies / T2 Systems
  • Global Parking Metro
  • Hectronic
  • Metric
  • Parkeon
  • Ventek
  • and more
Ask about our security features
PTI developed unique security features to reduce fraudulent tickets and boost parking revenue. 

Today, forged parking tickets are more common than ever. But, for less than 1/10 of a penny per ticket, your clients' operation can incentivize parking receipt purchases and increase citation revenue by easily identifying forgery. 

Request our samples today, and simply copy a ticket on any copier to reveal the security features. With PTI security features, spotting a fraudulent ticket will never again be a problem.
High performance thermal paper for better printer and equipment performance
Poor ticket material quality is a significant contributor to equipment downtime, maintenance costs and frustrated customers. PTI pay-and-display receipts meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers' (OEMs) specifications, and our products are designed to function in extreme conditions. Our base papers withstand expansion and deterioration in wet or humid conditions due to early morning condensation or torrential rain storms. Our custom printed receipts resist discoloration, fading, or blackening due to sunlight, UV radiation, and heat exposure as a result of leaving a receipt on a vehicle's dashboard for a multiple days.

Let PTI design and customize a product that meets your client's application and specifications. 

Why choose PTI for pay & display and pay station receipts?

  • 100% product satisfaction
  • Unsurpassed quality
  • Stellar customer service
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Unmatched industry expertise
  • Creative solutions for unique applications
  • Free in-house design consultation
  • Warehouse and fulfillment programs
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